There is a wide selection of contact lenses available in Pattaya Optical. – If you have never used contact lenses before, you should consult with an eye doctor beforehand and he will check whether your eyes are suitable to use contact lenses. Usually, very young people are not recommended to use contact lenses exept on special circumstances.

By discussing with the optician you can get information about contact lenses, their care and their benefits and possible disadvantages. Using contact lenses is a responsible task that if neglected can lead to serious eye infections and a permanent contact lens ban.

Contact lenses are nowadays available in soft and hard, toric (for astigmatism correction), and coloured.


* The following soft contact lenses are available:
  • Daily
    Disposable lenses that are used only once and then thrown away. With these you don’t need any cleaning or storing liquids.
  • Monthly
    Contact lenses that last for about 1 month in use. You need to have special storage case for them and also liquid with what you both clean the lenses before and after use and also store the lenses in it for their next use. After their expiry date has passed they must be thrown away.
  • Yearly
    These contact lenses can be used for a full year giving you the benefit of infrequent use and long lasting expiry date.


* Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lenses available are:
  • Boston ES
  • Boston EO
  • Boston Envision
  • Boston XO , XO2
  • Boston EO Multifocals


* The following colour contact lenses are available:
  • Disposable
  • Monthly
  • Yearly
  • Plano Colour contact lenses for those who do not need to correct eyesight but merely wish to change their eyecolour.